Sunday, June 7, 2015


A pinch of seedlings from The Thousands are dying to be put in the ground. They're not literally dying but figuratively dying. Hyssop readily sows itself here, since I have found seedlings hatching in between the established shrubs.

Above are some of the hyssop plants from which the seedlings came. This is at a corner of the garden. There will eventually be a double border of hyssop (interspersed with lesser amounts of thyme, rosemary and oregano). That yellow-green shrub at the very corner is a variegated sage. The hyssop is just about to start flowering.

Oh look at that. A little bit of baby burly. And here's a little bit of Canadian history for you. B.C. can go head to head with those Ontario boys.

Lamb's Quarters I leave. Like I leave plantain. Like I leave chickweed. Like I leave purslane. Like I leave a lot of the good gentle weeds that are good to eat and which keep other bad weeds at bay. It's good to bring them into your garden and let them seed themselves.

Like this one: sheep sorrel. So tasty. I'll always be grateful to the botanist lady who brought this one to the attention of my taste buds after, you know, seeing it all over the place all the time. Later I discovered it is also one of the four ingredients in the "Essiac" recipe - oh, look at that - more Canadian history! But don't expect that kind of history to be taught in the school system, if you catch my drift.

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