Monday, February 16, 2015

Heresy has eternal consequences

In times of relative comfort the Devil does everything to make a person presume on God's mercy. In times of hardship he does everything to make a person despair of it.

Thus transpires in practice the typical narrative of universalism: a soul goes through life shirking any compunction towards his sins, having no remorse towards lost opportunities of grace, indifferent to the defacing and dirtying of the image of God in his soul, the desecrating of the presence of the Holy Trinity in his soul; and then when mortality calls, through various factors - disease, age, injury - the Devil does an about-face and makes the soul despair for all that has been lost; he displays this lifelong loss in an eternal panorama before the despairing soul, and he makes the soul blaspheme God and revile Him.

I suppose only in an age addicted to comfort and mammon could universalism take root?

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