Monday, December 1, 2014


"I almost wonder if we are all so jaded that we confuse emotion with sentimentality, story structure with cloying cleverness, and virtue with unreality. A good film, we have convinced ourselves, must be gritty and nihilistic." --Michael Rennier, reviewing Interstellar

Amen. I have not seen Interstellar, but now I want to. Because, for one, I keep hearing people moan and whine about its length. LOL. Whenever I hear someone complain about a film being almost three hours long - and meandering or what-have-you to boot - my ears prick up excitedly.

It's film. A film should take its time. My favourite film is Tarkovsky's Stalker. Whenever I look up a movie that seems promising and I read that the film is something like a meagre one and a half hours long, I say, "What, are you kidding me?"

I think I might go see Interstellar - instead of the third Hobbit. If I lost all caring about the Peter Jackson franchise at the first Hobbit installment, my hatred/indifference was hardened beyond anything I could have ever imagined at the second installation.

Isn't it amazing though? When The Fellowship of the Ring first came out, or The Return of the King, remember how it felt to many like some Catholic Cultural thing was ramping up?

And now? People are forced to go see that monstrous deformity that can only be summed up by saying, "What Sauron did to the Elves, Peter Jackson did to The Hobbit (and also to TLOTR)", either just to see how bad it is, or in some vain and unfounded hope that it might redeem itself.

I mean, who would have seen it coming? LOL.

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