Friday, September 12, 2014

The death of a rat

That trap plumb near cut his head off. You don't need to make a fancy meal. Tostada with a bit of butter. A bit of apple. They're not picky. He had made his way behind the siding of the house and got inside the wall. He couldn't get inside the house, but you know, when you see a rat running along the baseline of the house and you hear scurrying inside the wall, that means death to the rat - and that is that.


Terry Nelson said...

I don't like rats - I must confess.

Paul Stilwell said...

There was one moment when I saw him in the morning on top of the dried-out kale stalks I had under the overhanging (for saving the seeds). He was eating the husks or the seeds or both, and sitting on his hind legs he looked almost cute and harmless. But then I had to remember it was a rat and not a mouse.

And to hear a rat inside the wall is horrid. You're thinking to yourself, "Oh crap, what if he's making a family in there?"

That will send one to the store pretty darn quick to get a trap.

Belfry Bat said...

Mice make plenty mess, I can tell you that. And noise.