Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Deified (Free) Market

It's funny.

People note that Pope Francis is coming from the experience of economic devastation in Argentina - and then choose to say that it limits or blinds him from seeing the American ExperienceTM.

Rather than choosing to say that it might give him some clear prophetic insight. Not to mention just plain sight.


Say, where's this bus heading?

I don't know. We're exceptional. Raise the debt ceiling! Argentina didn't have a Free Market - oh, but wait, we don't have a Free Market either; after all, where exactly is this unregulated Free Market? What we have is too much Government interference, and in Argentina they had Socialism, but we don't have Socialism, oh but wait, we do have Socialism because we have too much Government interference, but you know, we have Capitalism, except when it's "Crony Capitalism", and do you have any idea how it freed the world from grinding poverty? but, freeing the world from poverty is Marxism and wealth distribution should be done by trickling down, trickling down from the ever-expanding singular glass of Capital where the only sin is Government Interference, well, you know, you need to be a Specialist in order to understand what I'm saying - we're just not like those undeveloped savages in South America.

Yeah, that's nice. So anyways, it will likely happen overnight. Just like it did over there.

Just remember. There's no such thing as monetary "collapse". It's just a transfer of wealth. That's what the "collapse" was in 1929.

The transfer has been going on for some time now - it's a vast pyramid scheme. The transfer - from the hands of the many to the hands of the few - is getting more and more intense, more contracted, more, how shall we say - more exclusionary. It's a pyramid scheme.

Any economy that requires you to be a specialist in order to have any say in the matter is a pyramid scheme built upon excluding certain numbers of people from making transactions - that is, excluding certain numbers of people from the meeting of needs with goods - so that a select few can not just "get rich" but gain total power and total control.

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