Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Denethors

People who haven't bothered to check their ignorance, nor ever will, are enmeshed in the belief that Big Government is the main thing that ails us, and the unreality of their monomania can be gauged by the fact that they actually end up sloughing in the insanity that cryptography is some kind of answer.

And put your hope in guns too.

And canned food.

Because it's the Government.

Little Denethors.

BTW, when that government breaks down, you will not end up with some kind of benevolent blank slate, nor even a wild and chaotic blank slate; what you will have is rule by what is presently the invisible government, only it will no longer be invisible. It will be Belloc's Servile State.

The main problem with government today is not that it is big. The government in many ways is too big; but that's not the main problem. The main problem with government today is that it is bought.

They answer only to their financiers. When the government "bailed out" the banks all what the government did was borrow tons from the banks. That's what the banks were saying to the government when they said to bail them out: borrow more money from us.

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