Friday, June 29, 2012

And when it came to G.K.C. no one really knew until afterwards, and they were all like, "Whaa!", except for one sister who said to him, "Why did you take so long?" LOL!

"But she’s not a 1st round draft pick, while these regular folks are just pew fillers. She’s not a prized turned enemy super-spy. The Church hasn’t landed an All-Star free agent from Team Atheist. But from the breathless excitement at having a new Catholic blogger (pant! pant!), and Patheos’ director of marketing (really? they have one of those?) saying her post had over 150,000 page views (ohmyohmyohmy!)… for goodness sake, it’s rather embarrassing! Imagine the reaction if someone really famous signed up for RCIA classes!. . ."

". . .How about if we leave the rejoicing at the conversion of one soul to the hosts of heaven, and us bloggers just shut the hell up?"

Good post by LarryD: The Cult of Catholic Celebritease part 1

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Medium: Pencils 6B and 2B

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quitting Abortion Work

A group that reaches out to abortion clinic workers wishing to leave the abortion industry and offers legal, financial, spiritual and emotional support for their full transition out of the abortion industry.

That's the kind of idea that makes one ask, "Why wasn't it done before?"

Well, here they are:  And Then There Were None

Also, it's better than going to abortion clinic workers and leading them to commit sin by lying to them.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


By Pavel Chichikov

Little oak tree, sapling small
When first transplanted, thick and tall,
A challenged life you led at first,
Torrential rain, a microburst
That twisted you around your trunk
And made you lean as if dead drunk

Now a generous full shade,
A round of leaves and limbs displayed,
And yet a tiny acorn grown
Inside a sheath of leaves alone,
One green gall between two veins,
A single guest your sap sustains

Patience, child, you will grow more
And slow, the lightning waiting for 

For N. 
 By Pavel Chichikov

Though none of them draw near for days,
Leave fresh water for the guests,
Let them lap the ivory bowl,
They will come soon in summer dusk

They will come soon, that is my faith
Although the lawn is silent, waits,
The great return is what I pray
Though it may be till dusk is late

Now the rooftops lose their light
And all the streets stretch out in sleep,
But then we wait until they come,
To see them drink, and meet, and leap

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Medium: Pencils

They like calling it entering enemy territory as a spy

Back when the Lie-la Rose debate first burst onto the blogosphere, a defender of Live Action - who later became proficient in filling people's inboxes with subject lines roughly tantamount to, "SEND ME MONEY OR THE BABIES DIE!!!!!!!!!", and the slightly more awkward, "PROVE TO ME YOU'RE NOT AN ENEMY OF MY MINISTRY OF SAVING BABIES BY SENDING ME MONEY!!!!!!!" - came out in their defense with the example of spies crossing enemy territory in time of war to gain precious information, the obtaining of which the stakes of the entire universe depend upon!!!!!

And what is the "information" they are gaining? Precisely "information" of which the production - that is, the creation of the actual information - is inherently bound to the actions of the ones supposedly digging it up. They are digging up no information. But they are acting like a bunch of jackasses on camera, like little kids playing knicky-knicky-nine-door; lying in the process and holding it up as the thing without which we would never have known about such and such corrupt practices (as though an industry that kills babies could do anything that's not corrupt) of Planned Parenthood - which is a bunch of tosh.

Take gendercide. This has been known for quite some time without Live Action's stupid "covert operations". And those that do think abortion is great and wonderful don't bat an eye at the fact that there are parents who prefer to have a boy over a girl - which, by the way, is the way in which these people phrase it: not that they hate girls (though hating girls holds true for certain barbaric cultures), but that they would prefer to have a boy, thank you please if you don't mind since it saves us from providing a dowry.

If you can kill your child, you can kill your child for any reason. If you can kill your child - indeed, are practically coerced by doctors to kill your child - because the child has Down's Syndrome, then you can kill your child because your child would interfere with your plans for vacation, then you can kill your child because you're too young, then you can kill your child because the child was conceived in rape, then you can kill your child because the child won't have blue eyes or brown eyes, then you can kill your child because who would want to bring a child into this world, then you can kill your child because doing so would mean Gaia will bless you for preventing another carbon footprint, then you can kill your child because it won't be a boy - which, again, is the way that gendercidal parents phrase it: not that they hate girls, but that it won't be a boy, and they prefer to have a boy.

Planned Parenthood is an industry. They make money by killing babies, and anything that gets more babies killed is their aim. It is the population controllers who ultimately are deliberately seeking to kill girls - as a specific agenda. The Catholic Church condemns the creation of children in which the marital act is removed. Nonetheless, it is a sad fact in today's world that children can be brought about with just a supply of the stuff from men, but it still requires a woman to bring a child to term.

The population controllers can reduce populations through general abortion, but because it takes women to bring children to birth, the population controllers can irretrievably decimate entire populations by targeting the girls in particular.
Medium: 2B Pencil and I may have started with B

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Medium: 2B Pencil

Friday, June 8, 2012

Medium: B pencil and charcoal


I missed The Goonies Day yesterday.

So a belated happy Goonies Day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

They like calling it acting "in persona aborted and unborn"

Just wow.

A defender of Live Action says this in the comment box of Creative Minority Report:

A priest consecrates the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ acting "in Persona Christi", with the intention of Christ. Lila Rose approaches the abortionist acting "in persona aborted and unborn" whose souls are enlivening her actions. In the covenant of the human being's rational, immortal soul, all permission is granted. Any law may be broken to save a life, but there is no law broken by Lila Rose any more than a firefighter who enters a burning building and seizes a frightened child and carries her to safety. Will you then say that the firefighter laid hands on the child unlawfully? No, Lila Rose is actually saving the abortionist's immortal soul and preventing him/her from going straight to hell. Now, that is doing God's work "in Persona Christi". Something about paying thithes on mint and ignoring and disobeying God, our Father in Heaven. Get real.

Mark Shea responds to this in an excellent post, right here. I don't often agree with Shea, but on this he absolutely nails it.

He has another earlier worthwhile post here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Max Monday

I love this photo.

The security man seems to be telling the person "no pictures", and way down the passageway beyond a number of thresholds, there is Max Beckmann's monumental unfinished Resurrection of the Dead.

Medium: Pencils 2B and 6B