Friday, April 13, 2012

More Monkey Puzzle

Some months back I collected more from around the two monkey puzzles in Redwood. Their present state above. They're easy: you push the pointy end into soil, and keep watered and wait. I never tire of sprouting them. The others that I've sprouted continue to grow well outside. Monkey puzzles are the common name for the tree Araucaria araucana, native to Chile and Argentina.

Found more the other day:

They're found in the leaf litter. People walk over them in the park.


christopher said...

"It would puzzle a monkey to climb that"

Think these would survive the Texas heat? Can you send me a bag and I'll send you something else in return in the future (as soon as I figure out something cool too)?

Paul Stilwell said...

Sure, I'd be happy to send you some! Will they survive the Texas heat? It is more a coastal climate tree. I've read that Araucaria Angustifolia would do better there and some say it won't survive, others say that's not so. The best thing is just try it.

Enbrethiliel said...


"Monkey puzzles"! What an amazing name . . .