Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still Life with Beechmast

Still Life with Beechmast, Oil on Canvas, 20 inches x 16 inches

Not quite finished, but close. Photo blurred top left portion.


cyurkanin said...

That table mat is beautiful, Paul. It's rare we get to see your "painterliness". I'm trying to figure out the perspective though, were you positioned above this and looking directly down on it?

Enbrethiliel said...


I love how soft it is.

Paul Stilwell said...

Thank you Christopher and Enbrethiliel. Christopher, it's not directly looking down, but almost. I think it's the different planes that ruptures any one constant perspective. The place mat is basically directly square, while the white cloth on top recedes, and then the beechmast...

It's all somewhat disconcerting, isn't it?

E, I remember you mentioning now, a similar comment when I did a drawing of beechmast.