Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Signature of the World

The destruction to the Our Lady of Lourdes statue at the front of our parish was first noticed on the feast of the Mother of God. Perhaps it was done late the night before.

When I came out of morning Mass the Monday after the feast day, not knowing what had been done, I went up to our Lady to make a prayer and was dumbstruck with horror - and then frustrated, angry weeping.

Say what one wants about the randomness of vandalism; this is not random. Such an affront, however unconscious, is not arbitrary mischief. It is the signature of the world, for those to see who have eyes.

This is how the world regards its Mother.

So go ahead, make all the concessions to it that you want; seek out its praises and its honours.

I must be posting this because I'm practicing "easy virtue", or some such thing, and what I need is to be "challenged". After all, it's easy to post this because I am merely confirming myself in my righteous paradigm. Which is why I also post Vortex videos.


christopher said...

I keep an image of a shattered Mary right on the top of the sidebar at Sanctus Christopher as a waking reminder.

Paul Stilwell said...

I was thinking of your sidebar image when I posted this.

Enbrethiliel said...


I thought of Christopher's sidebar image, too.

owen swain said...

I thought of the decapitated St. Joseph from our former parish when I saw this image.

"This is how the world regards its Mother." Powerful.