Monday, August 2, 2010

Word & Question

The following poemthingy was written, I'll admit quite late and rather hastily, for the Playing Poetry meme Word & Question, hosted at Shredded Cheddar. The first W&Q contribution can be found here.

You can find the rules for this meme at the links above.

The Word: Hippopotamus

The Question: Is it harder to find the answer or know the question?

A Buddhist would answer with the latter,
and would form it as another question,
for they like answering questions with questions
until there is no-mind and no-matter.

An Aristotelian westerner
would answer with the former; his answer,
being in the form of an answer,
would leave no doubt, that it shouldn't be a bother

what the question is, for the answer will extend
beyond the question posed, shedding light
in some respect upon a universal whole.
Thus one could well ask why God made the muddy
river's heaving hippopotamus;

the sage before whom the question was mused
ought not - if he were true - to refuse.

And the real credence came, to question and answer,
in which either led to a better
in the other: like man and woman together,
like bee and blossom in the spring;
this salvific dawn of ease of everything mattering;
a flowering back to us of everything-our-world;
this answer to the mind of man, that an answer
really could be an answer, and then the question honed,

no more the repeated ghost-drama of self-echoes,
being answered for real, as an actual answer -
perhaps more close and real than the pagan would expect -
was fruited forth (the seed of which
was a cataclysmic crucifix)
amid concerns of angel-fitting pins,
by a corpulent Dominican.


some guy on the street said...

I should say it was well done indeed. You've certainly more rhyme than I managed or dared. What a word to deal with, though --- hippopotamus, golly...

Has our friend E. seen it yet?

Enbrethiliel said...


Your friend E is trying desperately to wrap her head around it before she even attempts to comment!

Paul Stilwell said...

Thank you Bat (is it still Bat?)! I actually had a feeling you might like this one.

Your comments E, early or late, are always welcome, whenever you feel like it.

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, you already know that I'm incredibly impressed by what you did with "hippopotamus"!

I'll be back . . .