Sunday, March 7, 2010


christopher said...


Wow, well written. Thank you. It's rare to see someone saying this these days. It seems to me that even the multitudes that follow Saint Faustina's Divine Mercy either fail to grasp what she really experienced or completely ignore it.

Paul Stilwell said...

Thanks Christopher for your kind words! The first two words came to me in Adoration last night, and the rest kind of followed suit. Yes, there are some incredibly exhausting passages in St. Faustina's diaries that bowl me over and have always made me wonder: are followers of The Divine Mercy aware of this reality, this weight? I'm slow on the uptake myself then realize, whoa, this is not what I originally took it for - especially when it comes to those real moments of mercy.

At Mass this evening the priest talked in his homily about God's mercy and justice being always in tension. A confirmation, or alignment, that was good to hear.