Thursday, December 31, 2009

Car Recovered

A good way to spend part of one's new year's eve is to get the call that your car which was stolen almost three weeks ago has been recovered, and then go to the tow yard to pick it up.

I won't think too much about the $106.91 towing and storing bill, nor that the spare tires were stolen from the trunk, nor that the key ignition will do the beeping sound when you open the door, even when you remove the key.

No one urinated inside the car: positive. (Though I will still be cleaning the interior because otherwise it would feel too much like I simply lent the car out to strangers.)

There are no dents, no scorch marks, no scratches, no ripped interior: positive.

There are no broken locks or trunk hatch: positive.

The "Jesus, I Trust in You" decal on the back was not vandalized, nor the Holy Face pamphlets inside: positive.

I believe the RCMP officer on the phone even told me they found the car with the doors locked: bizarre.


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!


Anonymous said...

Did they leave the pink bag?


MahoneyMusings said...

That's great news!

Paul Stilwell said...

Yes, they left the pink bag.

Owen said...

Thanks be to God.

Our old Jeep was stolen off a church lot six years ago and recovered 30 days later. Good thing because buying a new vehicle was not an option.

Tim J. said...

God is good. Glad your car is back.

Paul Stilwell said...

Strange as it may sound, thank you all for your thanksgiving to God. You make up for my lack.