Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here's some quotes to knock you off your feet

Give attention to cutting off your own will, and you will soon quit these phantoms of sanctity in which you repose so superstitiously. --St. Francis De Sales.

He who believes himself to be far advanced in the spiritual life has not even made a good beginning. --St. Francis De Sales.

Do nothing, say nothing before considering if that which you are about to say or do is pleasing to God, profitable to yourself, and edifying to your neighbor. --St. Ignatius.

Abase yourself very often in the abyss of your nothingness. --St. Francis De Sales.

True humility makes no pretense of being humble, and scarcely ever utters words of humility. --St. Francis De Sales.

You must lovingly leave some work to others, and not seek to have all the crowns. --St. Francis De Sales.

Annihilate yourself in the very depths of your being, to see that God wills to use your littleness to do Him a service of great importance. --St. Francis De Sales.

Let us sweetly hide our littleness in His greatness. --St. Francis De Sales.

These are all courtesy of Father Anthony Ho who during this Lent is posting daily quotes on Humility - in addition to his ordinary daily quotes.


Father Anthony Ho said...

Thanks for reading my blog, and putting the quotes up at your blog.

Hope that we can all grow in this wonderful virtue of humility. Next week I will focus on quotes on humility by St. Thomas Aquinas. Hopefully I can meet you one day in person. God bless.

Paul Stilwell said...

Father, I think we may have met once, when I was helping Frank Turner to install an icon at Corpus Christi. At least I think that was you whom I met.

I am looking forward to those St. Thomas Aquinas quotes.

Father Anthony Ho said...

Now I remember you! You are that fine young man who helped Mr. Turner to install icon at Corpus Christi. God bless.