Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Acrostic poem (On Spirit and Mammon)

This acrostic is somewhat sketchy.

September 10th. tomorrow, some real smart
Physicists will use 17 miles of stuff
In Europe to smash subatomic hearts
Right at each other: sort of like the rough
Inflamed bout between a husband and wife
That yet unexplainably gives them new lights?

Answers some: but will it give me higher speed
Net, or better resolution on my tube?
Dunces we are, even in the midst of

Mammoth unravellings (speculatively). Even physicists
As these, must needs come to a point in their
Mapping out of things where they insist:
My guess is as good as yours right now - air
Of our life still intrigues: we will never,
Never exhaust what breeds our pursuing what breeds.

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