Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pine beetles are global warming deniers

An article in The Province says B.C. pine beetles, which are thought to have have destroyed more than 435 million cubic metres of timber, will have added an extra one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - by the time the unprecedented infestation ends.

This is via researchers from the Canadian Forest Service in the journal Nature. The figures include the CO2 no longer taken up by the dead trees, as well as the CO2 released by the dead trees as they rot.

And so there you have it. We will have that much more CO2 in our passive, one-dimensional atmosphere because the above-mentioned calculations are not a demonstration of the severe limitations of human 'scientific' logic; for such research also takes into account every single natural occurence around the globe and every single cosmic tilt of the scales and every single beetle fart.

You must also understand that the beetles are flourishing because of the increase in temperatures due to global warming; because the winter kills them off. They think maybe they can use the dead trees for biofuel.

I find it hard to believe that such people who are supposedly intuned to the changes of nature are so unnatural in their conclusions, in their mechanical logic. Is there anyone out there who, truly being an observer of nature, is seeking a true solution to the infestation, like using our research and technology to bring in predators of this particular beetle? Some kind of bird, or other insect?

Is this being looked into?

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