Monday, May 7, 2018

Judeo-Christian Western Civilization

Not sure what that's supposed to mean anymore, if I ever knew what it was supposed to mean before. When it started is anyone's guess, but people use the phrase a little too complacently, and the frequent reliance upon intoning the words points to the fact that it is not there anymore, if it ever was there in the way pundits and know-it-all subsidiarity popes seem to think; and it is not going to save us, even if it was 'restored', whatever the hell that means.

That is correct: "Judeo-Christian Western Civilization" will not save you or anyone. Nor has it saved anyone. Jesus saves, one soul at a time.

Any parish that is thriving in the west is only because of the Filipinos and Chinese and other immigrant families. As the Pundits are fond of saying: we are past birth replacement levels. To the front of the class for me.

Pope Francis is correct: people need to stop looking at things in terms of occupying space, and begin to look at things in terms of time. "Judeo-Christian Western Civilization" is a completely spatial concept, if not a spatial construct.

Everything virtuous about "Judeo-Christian Western Civilization" that we take for granted was an implementation in time. It was a time-process that people started, in the very dust of existence. They didn't reassure themselves with Pundits talking about "Judeo-Christian Western Civilization", or freak themselves out as they are also fond of doing.

We need less gasbags, in short. Especially less gasbags with super-duper credentials and p.h.d.'s. We do indeed need more dialogue though. This notion of holding forth in the fray with your one sole point perspective, knowing it all, is a totally outmoded 19th century novelty.

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