Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Title: Skeleton above the Falls

Medium: Oil on masonite

Size: 10 in x 14 in


Itinérante said...
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Itinérante said...

I just saw the skeleton! I thought it was a pearl the first time!
A little creepy but the painting is so beautiful!!
Did you really see a skeleton like that?

Paul Stilwell said...

The way the painting fell together, it was entirely from the imagination. It's not from real life waterfalls, rocks, or skeleton. I was intending the painting to be something else at first, but as I put down some swaths of base colour, something held me back at the sight of some of the brush strokes, for they suggested something, but I couldn't see what. This often happens. So you look, and look, and look, trying to "see" what it is.