Sunday, June 29, 2014


Waited on the next up Uncle Corky. Patience wonderfully delicious pays.


Oh! I "discovered" another symphonic poem by Rachmaninoff:

Quite in the same vein as Isle of the Dead. Beautiful!


Yeah, they weren't related or anything.


Boredom is a walled kingdom in which lust typically accedes to the throne and starts amplifying the wonders of State through megaphones on every corner.

If it were possible to find out, would statistics show that a large percentage of temptations to lust - with its manifestations of porn-viewing, masturbation, adultery, fornication - was preceded by an almost soul-crushing boredom?

I know where the favour would be stacked in betting on Boredom as the great precursor to Lust.

As far as I can remember, Christopher West never talks about this (are his books and talks even relevant anymore? LOL). Obviously there is a reason why he doesn't. It would dismantle his brand of sex mysticism - immediately. His whole show is predicated on the falsehood that lust is the key to infinity gone berserk.

To say it is the progeny of a preexisting boredom...well, yeah. No money there either.


Stuff White People Like #137: Stuff White People Like.


Does the Church wage campaigns against herself?

Are the Church's "vital signs" indicated by the computed numbers of bad stories and the computed numbers of good stories?

Is the state of the economy indicated by the "Dow Jones"?

Nope and nope and nope.


People who jump off cliffs in order to "fly" (with the new wing suits they've developed) before deploying the parachute are high risk addicts. There is such a thing. They are addicted to the "endorphin" release which comes from jumping off a six thousand foot cliff and safely landing in a field somewhere.

Think about what that must do to a person's daily life with its ordinary duties. Such a thing would be a HUGE dissipation of focus on the ordinary and daily, on anything. No wonder they talk about how they "need" to do it, suddenly dropping everything and going cliff jumping flying.

They can talk the near-mystical bullcrap all they want about how were they born to do it - they're addicts, addicted to the release of "endorphins". In their case, the release that comes from throwing yourself off a cliff - and then not dying or being injured. All of them have friends who have been killed doing it. All what it takes with these cliff "fliers" is one single splat - and they've just deprived their wife, husband, significant other, children, relatives, parents, dog, cat, gold fish, of a person held dear. And for what? Your noble need to throw yourself off a cliff? And that's not to mention the tax, the cost it demands from your wife, husband, significant other, children, relatives, parents, dog, cat, gold fish, every single time you go out to soothe your cliff-endorphin addiction, with them wondering if you'll be coming back because of the thought you might go splat. Back in the day (and today!) wives had similar worries over the return of their husbands - from war. But the return from narcissistic endorphin-addiction?

Yeah, but you "need" it. So yeah, sorry, I don't jive with the dream talk about how they were born to do it and how they so need it and how it's a step in the progress of aviation evolution.

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