Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christopher West part 2

Remember that story about the bishop who - having Christopher West's bogus version of "mature purity" which has nothing to do with what Pope John Paul II wrote about in TOB - gazes upon a half-dressed prostitute and sheds tears over the beauty of her body being so wasted? Remember that Christopher West totally made this story up and that the actual story he cited has absolutely nothing whatsoever resembling West's mutilated "extrapolation"?

Yesterday, on Saturday the 9th, at a parish in my hometown, Christopher West told what he called an "apocryphal" story about St. Francis. He said we can't know if this story is true or not, but that it doesn't matter because the story itself has such meaning to it as you will see. This is the story he told about St. Francis.

One day St. Francis was walking along with one of his brothers and a woman who was a prostitute approached St. Francis and said to him, "Let's go into the woods over there and I'll show you what you're really looking for."

To this St. Francis says, "No, come with me into the woods over there and I'll show you what you're really looking for."

When Christopher West said those words by both the prostitute and St. Francis - about showing each other what they're really looking for - he spoke the words with particular sexual relish. It was quite creepy.

So the prostitute goes with St. Francis into the woods, where St. Francis proceeds to build a big bonfire. Then St. Francis takes off all his clothes - as was his wont to do (Ha ha! So funny Chris!) - and begins dancing naked around the bonfire before the gaze of the prostitute.

As she gazes upon St. Francis' body glowing warmly in the firelight she was overcome, and she finally says, "Yes, you have shown me what I'm really looking for."

And then Christopher West adds with baloney reverent breath, "And she became a nun."

I didn't add any details.

And, well, the fact that he even pretended that this story could even remotely possibly be true about St. Francis...what a joke, what a fraud.

Update: See Terry's post and my comment. West butchered the original apocryphal story.


jvc said...

If he said this - and I don't have any reason to believe he didn't - he truly jumped the shark. This kind of answers why most of West's previous defenders seem to be silent lately.

Chris said...

Wow. This is another example of what I have longed suspected: he is really trying to rationalize his own ideas and behaviors, then going back after the fact to try to claim support from JPII or what have you, or in this case, simply making something up. I would even say it reveals a sick mind, for what type of person imagines/conjures up such a scenario- St. Francis dancing naked around a fire?!? But I'm there are some West supporters, like Jim Russell, who will have some creative explanation or alleged source for this account of Francis.