Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christopher West

Remember a number of years back when one of the criticisms made about Christopher West was that during his talks/seminars he would take a person from the audience and bring that person on stage and then he would tell the audience to look at that person's body?

Today while he gave a seminar at a parish in my hometown he asked if there were any "consecrated celibates" in the audience. There were two. One was a Carmelite nun and one was a Redemptorist priest. He brought them on "stage", which was before the sanctuary of the church. Then Christopher West walked a ways down the center aisle so that he was with the audience, and then he told the audience, "Look at their bodies."

He did that to a priest. And a nun.

A nun.

He brought them forward for the express purpose of saying to hundreds of people, "Look at their bodies."

Anyways, there's quite a bit to tell. This seminar was done today, which is Saturday the 9th of the month of November, year 2013. You know how all those disciples of Christopher West try the old, "Oh, you're making criticisms of one of his older books - that's so passe; maybe you should read his latest book and attend one of his talks to get in on what he's actually saying."

Yeah, well, I'm here to tell you that Christopher West has not changed one damn thing.

Anyways, just to make note, among other things: at the start of the second half, Christopher West said that during the lunch break he asked the parish priest if the Blessed Sacrament could be put back into the tabernacle for the second half of his seminar. The Eucharist had been appropriately removed for the seminar. Though even then, there's a church hall on the property. The seminar could not have been done in the hall?

So the Blessed Sacrament was put back for the second half of Christopher West's seminar which involved all sorts of profanations and him saying "S-H-I-T" several times, as though saying it that way, saying each letter of the word, excused him from the profanation of saying "shit" multiple times in the very sanctuary of the church in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.


jvc said...

He is completely, absolutely nuts.

How many people were there? Young or old?

Paul Stilwell said...

I'm not sure of the exact number. The church was full but it wasn't packed to brimming. I would wager a guess of a couple hundred.

There some old, but most were young to youngish. It hosted by the "Couples for Christ" ministry.

Oh, and I agree with your first statement. Seeing and listening to him talk in person and how he operates and charms the audience and repeats time and again, "Are you following me?" and destroys signs and symbols, turning the sacraments into signs that merely point towards, rather than as signs that are what they signify, it really did dawn on me how ridiculously how utterly far-gone he is from actual Catholic teaching. He is a destroyer of Catholic symbology.

jvc said...

The only possible saving grace is that I think most people won't even get how far gone he is and just assume he can't possibly be as crazy as he is. I guess that's a plus...