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Pornography is the instrumentation of the impotent. Pornography is an intrinsically impotent-making medium, an impotency-acclimating hot-house; one that exponentially reconfigures the home of eros at the core of one's identity into a wind tunnel of impotence according to the surge one attains, which, opening greater and greater voids, requires greater and greater surges, until, finally, it creates such a vortex of accelerating sucking vacuity that crimes of the worst nature can take place.

The case could easily be scientifically and morally made to outlaw pornography, to purge it as much as possible from a country by a government to prevent criminality.



While saying that unisex hair salons have contributed greatly to the accelerating decay of western civilization would be far-gone, unisex hair salons are definitely a symptom. I think unisex hair salons are stupid. Fr. Zed has a post about manly barber shops - and their steady disappearance from North American society.

I like my hole-in-the-wall male barber shop in town run by Catholic Iraqi men. Beside the hole-in-the-wall barber shop is a hole-in-the-wall donair shop, which is run by a middle-eastern man. From the Lord's prayer that is displayed on one of the walls, I'll just go ahead and assume he and his family are Catholic too. I like that place too. Really good donairs. I like the Lebanese donair. I like hummus. I like the Greek donair too. I also like the Turkish donair. I like crispy onion strings that are put in the Turkish donair. I like tabouli. I like baklava. But not too sweet. The hole-in-the-wall donair makes them just right. Not too sweet. I like it.

But all that estrogen mixing with testosterone to produce gossipy gayness in unisex hair salons - sheesh. Who wants it? Not me. Not you. Not anyone. Good. Every male barber shop should have near its entrance a picture of Delilah enclosed in a big red circle with a slash through it. That would be terrific.


Terrific I say!


The Catholic Church has never taught that government is a "necessary evil". The Church has always taught that government has a very real authority and a very real responsibility for the common good and for the protection of the weakest members of society.

I don't trust all this talk about Big Government. Not because the evils are not being committed. The evil being done is real and happening. Drones and all that - of course. There's a lot of evil going on perpetrated by governments. But this talk that reduces, or refers, the evil to "too much government" - it's too easy, and it's not the truth. I don't trust it. For it redefines the mere and original word "government" according to the evil perpetrated. In other words, government is a "necessary evil" and the great present evils, such as we have today, arise because that "necessary evil" gets to be too much, or too big.

This sort of simplistic quantitative reduction is an unjust look at the evil that's being done.

And it's not Catholic. It is Libertarian though. Something tells me there are people for whom this sort of unforced redefinition of government is beneficial in bringing about certain plans.

And writing about all the Big Government evils does not you a prophet or a prophetess make.


Bail outs, bankruptcy, spending, or any other jargon you may happen to hear concerning the economy: they are all euphemisms. They all mean something else.



Piano Sonata No. 1 in D minor, Op 28!!!!!!!!!!!



Christopher West manifests a kind of impotency in his heretical writings which are basically a kind of subliminal pornography as spiritual awakening: he does not really talk about sex; he mostly only talks about talking about sex.

To actually talk about sex means talking about things that are not sexual, and talking about them without sexualizing them.


Can this tally for seven quick takes?


Did you know that the word "tally" comes from tally sticks?

Those were the debt-free money issued by the king in England - a king known as the Lion of Justice.

Oh, and it was under the tally stick system, which accounted for 95% of the money in circulation, lasting for seven centuries, not backed by any metal, that people had leisure time to build and maintain certain buildings known as cathedrals and other churches.

I believe tally sticks were the money used during and after the time period favoured by Pope Emeritus Benedict as the ideal period.


Enbrethiliel said...


I watched Gran Torino the year it came out. Such awful acting from the two Hmong teens, but good cultural points made throughout the movie, nonetheless.

Paul Stilwell said...

I didn't mind their acting. lol.