Sunday, June 23, 2013


Last Sunday the priest - a young East Indian man - said, to quote him exactly,

"Lust today is a powerful weapon in the hands of Satan."

But, he rightly countered, the mercy of God is far more powerful.

The priest did not say that lust was redeemable; he did not talk of "directing" it. He did not say it was a "falling short" or a "stopping at the surface". He was, as they say, absolute. He was not a Westian Manichean heretic. Rather, he was incarnational. In so doing with his homily, the mercy of God became absolutely real and staggering.

Listening to him, one gathered that lust is not simply "not natural"; it is potently unnatural; incrementally and exponentially unnatural. Not because he used the word "lust" to mean a twisting of desire resulting from repression; but because he directly placed the word in the context of an evil weapon Satan uses to bring souls to destruction, and eternal hell - not to mention causing the worst tragedies, hurt and sadness here in this world.

That doesn't mean we need to expend effort on realizing how potently unnatural lust is, as though that realization would make us bulletproof. And anyways, who in the world wants to be merely bulletproof? No one. We are weak - weak in will and in understanding. All the more reason to take refuge in the boundless mercy of God. We need to think more and more of God's mercy as our true home - our supernatural home; to be more and more dependent on it, not less and less.

People do not realize how badly certain people want to hear this: the truth that God does not want us to go there (Lust), meaning also that when it's already there, He wants us to flee; not because we are too raging with hormones and He, a repressive prude, but because we are horribly insufficient to ourselves and He, infinitely rich, who transformatively cares for us, for we are truly His own children, and wishes, out of His own infinite love, to embellish and continually enrich His own children.

And, as is spoken elsewhere, the more work He has to do in a soul, the more He takes rest in that soul. And when temptation comes or we fall into sin (which involves the immortal soul, or else sin would not matter, dear Manichean Westians) God's mercy is there for us not only as some kind of bulwark for the while, but as our very life, an abundance of life so sweet, so amiable and courteous, so humourous (pouring) and fructifying with love, directly from the Father of light.

He talked of how internet pornography is even looked at today by a large number of children of around the age of ten. You don't see Christopher West talking about that. You only see him talking about how Victoria's Secret is "onto something".

Yeah, they are onto something. They are onto sin.

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