Thursday, May 16, 2013

Live Action serves the killing of babies

People who support Live Action's tactics cannot get past diversionary and inconsequential analogies. That much is pretty clear.

It is strange that they cling so hard to these diversionary and inconsequential analogies, because all of their analogies are totally pathetic, and are totally ridiculous. But that's what liars do - they argue with diversions.

Their analogies are also totally discontinuous from one another, being a hodgepodge of what about telling your wife her pants don't make her look fat? to what about the Eucharistic species? to what about telling your kids about Santa Claus? to what about police doing sting operations? and blah, blah, blah. They pick one up, then let it drop, then pick up another. They are not thinking with the Church.

Is Live Action's tactic even saving a life in any remote sense? There's this sentimental assumption that the results of their "stings" will be saved babies. It's total crap. All what they are doing is playing into the full legal standing which the abortion industry wields, and helping to solidify it like cement - nay, helping to pour more cement on the forty foot thick cement foundations.

For they are going after the illegal maneuvers of abortion providers - doing so under the delusion of grandeur that what they are doing will save babies and start a domino effect that will bring the abortion industry all crashing down, like it'll be Abortiongate or something.

They are very much out of touch - like people who think they can build relationships through texting.

So anyways, all that illegal stuff the abortion mills do, or are willing to do - like helping pimps - is bad, but all the legal stuff they do - you know, like killing babies - is alright?

Because that's what you people are saying when you use analogies like drug-busting sting operations and investigating teachers who might be abusing students, etc.

Like I said: playing into the full legal standing which the abortion industry wields.


jvc said...

Exactly. Good comments.

bill bannon said...

Think on these things in the coming months. Scripture has Jehu praised by God after Jehu uses a ruse to kill the Baal worshippers. Jehu joins them in their sin of idolatry but not really....very like live that whole chapter in your leisure 2 Kings 10:

Jehu gathered all the people together and said to them: "Ahab served Baal to some extent, but Jehu will serve him yet more.
Now summon for me all Baal's prophets, all his worshipers, and all his priests. See that no one is absent, for I have a great sacrifice for Baal. Whoever is absent shall not live." This Jehu did as a ruse, so that he might destroy the worshipers of Baal.

He then kills them and here is God affirming what he did and its details in the word " well":

The LORD said to Jehu, "Because you have done well what I deem right, and have treated the house of Ahab as I desire, your sons to the fourth generation shall sit upon the throne of Israel."

Paul Stilwell said...

Yes, let's take refuge in the Old Testament.

bill bannon said...

Paul Stillwell,
Dei Verbum says " both testaments in all their parts have God as their author". Christ frequently argued from the Old Testament.

Paul Stilwell said...

Yes, so let's take refuge in the Old Testament.

Enbrethiliel said...


This is so true. It's as if hunting endangered animals became legal and some people thought they could save the tigers by revealing that some hunters sell powdered tiger bone to folk healers who scare parents into using only their traditional medicines to treat sick children, even with the full knowledge that children have died in the past because of such practices. Even if folk medicine were against the law, this connection wouldn't make a case for banning the hunting of endangered animals.

Basically, going after an abortion provider for its illegal activities is sending the message that abortion should be as respectable as any law-abiding business on the block.

bill bannon said...

Good luck with cleverness.

Paul Stilwell said...

Good luck bill bannon with taking refuge in the Old Testament.