Saturday, January 5, 2013

Watch your preoccupation

Christ did not even go into the centurion's house and touch the centurion's servant to heal him. His word from a distance was absolutely sufficient, and even then, we get the gist that the healing was done just silently, before Christ gave the affirmative to the centurion that his servant was healed.

Surely this just won't do. We must do away with this incident, for it emphasizes a Docetist influence when considering Christ the God-Man. That healing was not very enfleshed. It's not Catholic. Catholicism is sensuous. It has touching and tasting and smelling.

Maybe if the people of the centurion's household had said the healing was scandalous, then maybe it would be good.

And then there's the Incarnation. It's not incarnational enough. Too conceptual.

Oh yeah, and then there's that transubstantiation.

Christ slept.

Now, if everybody were insomniacs who were deeply scandalized by sleep, then Christ sleeping in the boat during the storm is very enfleshed and incarnational and very, very Catholic.

The shedding of His blood as an infant in the old covenant of circumcision that prefigures the shedding of His blood in His passion that is the new covenent: this must be only a footnote to the more enfleshed incarnationality of a subject now having to do with penises that hopefully people will find "scandalous".

Yaaaaawwwwn...ah yes, that Zeno talk. The destruction of dissimilarity in analogy.

Just so you know the truth: the circumcision of our Lord is a prefiguration only insofar as the shedding of blood. Everything else about that prefiguration, when it comes to prefiguring, is, as they say, in a sense, circumstantial. He, Jesus, is replacing the old with the new. Indeed, as with every moment from the moment of His conception, the circumcision is not only prefiguration of the passion, but part of it, redeeming us from sin, just as propitious to the Father as His first cries in the manger.

But that's not incarnational enough. No, the foreskin must be a veil like the veil of the holy temple that was torn aside to reveal...what you say?

Wait a minute. Who's the Docetist? Who's the Manichee? Who's the Dualist?

Terry has a recipe for fried calamari.

I hope the Word on Fire post starts up blogger mommies debating again about circumcision. Because that's always so pleasant to behold.

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