Wednesday, January 2, 2013


There is a silence of paramount importance to being, and being cannot but sicken when that silence is destroyed. I think the internet along with all the technocratic devices is the ultimate silent destroyer of this silence.


I think it's hilarious that every single one of us is going to die.


I know an old world Italian Salesian priest. He told me that when he was a child there was one telephone - for the entire village. This was two generations ago. And then he said, "Now everyone has his own that he carries with him."

He also said once: "Receive, receive, receive. That's all we do is receive, and we never exercise the intellect."

He also said to me once: "It's all so confusing."


Money is nothing but a law of man, a gift, really, that man realizes through his nature, through natural law. The gift, like the law, can be corrupted. It's funny that Anarcho-Capitalists (Anarcho-Capitalism in practice meaning rule by a very few ruling Anarcho-Capitalists, or "Sharkies") regard the regaining of this recognition as idolatry.


It's funny how when you say something ultimately true, like, "No one is pure", a Westian will let fly his dualist mindset by responding, "You must be teaching the heresy of total depravity!"


Behold how muddled is the mindset of the Westian dualist, always going from one pole to the other, and neither of those poles actually pertaining to the argument at hand.

It is the same mindset behind the comments that came after Marc Barnes post about the "intentional celibacy" of Andy Warhol. People would say in response to naysayers, "Well, no one is saying he was a saint!"

But what do you think a saint is? Someone somehow magically free from all the potential falls of the greatest sinners? Their statements, which contain in themselves implicit pietistic platitudes, are driven by a false dualism that makes of both sinner and saint platitudinous parodies.

Thus, "no one is pure": oh, you must mean "total depravity!"


Capitalism enslaves through the heresy of total depravity. Capitalism loves the heresy of total depravity.

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