Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!






Belfry Bat said...

eeee! what fun!

DeaconJR said...

Dear Paul—I thought you might wish to see my inaugural efforts at my new blog, “The Body Guard.” I would welcome any thoughts or comments you might offer.

A blessed Easter Season to you!

Deacon Jim Russell

Paul Stilwell said...

"Finally, it’s time to embrace the “post-‘debate’ era”!"


Paul Stilwell said...

It's actually the "anti-West" camp that has been bringing forth deep, rich, cogent and varied arguments whereas it has been the Westians who have offered shallow, slippery and repetitive statements.

I don't have a wordpress account, otherwise I would post that comment there.

deaconjr said...

Hi, Paul--I thought you could leave comments on my blog without having a wordpress account--they're moderated comments, but I think they'll get through.

In any case, I welcome your thoughts and would be able to post the above comments on my blog if you wish...

God bless you,

Deacon JR