Thursday, March 1, 2012


jvc said...

I honestly saw that youtube image and thought that you were going to post The Greatest Political Advertisement Ever:

Paul Stilwell said...

LOL! That ad is rather Westian in its underlying philosophy, is it not?

jvc said...

It's about Russia -- the "bear".

The idea for the Reagan ad was using the analogy of the "bear", which was sort of the official animal of Russia, to suggest that American military strength should be at least as strong as the "bear" in case the "bear" was a threat. Fairly brilliant ad back when they played it in 1984.

Paul Stilwell said...

Just goes to show how much I know.

Paul Stilwell said...

But yes, now knowing that - it is brilliant.

Enbrethiliel said...


Whatever it is you're smoking, I want some! (Do you grow it yourself, by the way?)

Seriously, I didn't get what was wrong with the underlying philosophy until you brought up the puritanical pancake. That's as fun a metaphor as your boat in the storm.

Did you ever watch that episode of the Ghostbusters cartoon in which Peter thinks that because a certain ghost is empowered (rather than defeated) by the polarity of the beams fired by their proton packs, all he has to do to get the usual effect is to reverse the polarity? It is very naive of him, and of course it doesn't work. There's more to making a wrong right than reversing it.

Paul Stilwell said...

The weed is pure Westian!

Read this article:

And weep, I say, weep for West!

Oh, the Ghostbusters cartoon...Lord, I can't remember that episode. Your point is of course, excellent.

The problem with the pancake analogy (aside from its superficiality) is basically that West calls it a 'puritanical' pancake. It's the puritanical repression of the one side that's also at fault for the "indulgence" of the other side because the pancake is puritanical - not just the one side. Wah?