Tuesday, March 13, 2012

West Lent

Yo ho ho - Ka-boom! The Weigel time-bomb
was just a stupid dud - so call the squad off!
It was just a false alarm, so let's all sit and scoff
and throw a frisbee on the lawn.

Rum dee dum dee dum, hey one of your fawns
has gotten loose, in the frozen food aisle!
Oh can't you wait a while,
oh can't you wait a while,
and have him graze, hey, someplace else?
Dum dee dum, ugh, 'cause I'm a Jansenist!
A big old mean Manichaean Jansenist!

Dum dee dum,
Oh, just to think of you kids
duly taking notes
in your Westian courses
makes me want to puke,
Yo ho ho! Makes me want to puke!

How I wish a virus nuke
would take this blog down: Spike is Best
and end this misery (hackers, that's the name!),
and all of this crap
about Christopher West,
who is very sex-obsessed -hey! very sex-obsessed!

Hey! Spike is Best!

Oh hey, rum dee dum dee dum, I'll bet
there's not a single Westian - hey!
Not one single Westian
who cares a single jot
that fasc-i-na-ti-on - oh sexy fascination
should be re-ci-pro-cal,
and in the marriage bed,
oh! while they ask,
"Who is Pope John Paul?"

Oh! Reciprocal!
No need when all the Gospel
has been written in their bodies - hey,
too sexy for their bodies,
too sexy for their bodies,
too sexy for theology.
but just their sex instead,
because its been torn
from the marriage bed,

too sexy for their bodies,
too sexy for their bodies,
too sexy for theology.


Enbrethiliel said...


You do realise that you're now obligated to post a YouTube video of yourself performing this?

Paul Stilwell said...

Not a chance in you-know-where.