Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At the what of the Gospel?

If the unveiling of Mary and the analogizing of her through her body (as per Christopher West), especially in regards to her breastfeeding (as ripped from cultural continuity by Westians for their pan-sexual ends), prompting an art as holy encounter with what's behind pornography to convert the porn-addicted culture, is the crux of the absolutely necessary reclamation of sexuality (for the New Evangelization) around which there is no detour, then that would mean that - much more than pigments on a canvas - public breastfeeding is the incarnational flagship of the New Evangelization.
It would be the very proclamation of the Gospel.

And not discreet public breastfeeding either. It would have to be out and in the open - just as it is in the art. Do you light a lamp to hide it under a bushel basket? No, you don't.

We would have to have public breastfeeding parades. We would put the gay pride parades to shame. You guys can't trump the Catholics - no way. We're better at stuff than you are!

We would have to employ watchers to ensure that the equilibrium of reciprocal intersubjectivity is being maintained. We would call these watchers the true experts in phenomenology.

Men would have to, and I mean have to - by dint of the hardline regulations of the Great Naturist Nudist version of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers - look at woman breastfeeding so that Pope John Paul II's words about the new springtime of faith might rise unbidden in their minds.

And those who turn away their eyes will have to be turned in as rapists.

And those who express disgust will have to be turned in as Iconoclast Taliban Catholics.

It hasn't even been thirty days yet. And it's not for lack of material; it's just...


love the girls said...

Breastfeeding is not sexual, and seeing it as sexual is disordered.

Paul Stilwell said...

Yep indeed. Tell it to the Westian.

Belfry Bat said...

Let us intensify this: nursing and sexuality have the same natural end, the latter ordinarily being a necessary precursor to the former.

We might well take a cue from zoologists, who when studying human beings speak of their unusual "hidden œstrus" --- they catalogue this fact in parallel with other oddities in H. Sapiens, notably a few persistent cues signifying the maturity of the female of the species, which in lower primates are only present after birthing. But we might, as I say, follow the zoologists, and keep human œstrus hidden.

love the girls said...

If some guy is inordinately turned on by a mother nursing her child, the problem is with the guy. Not with the mother or her breasts.

No differently than if some guy is inordinately turned on by a woman's shoulders.

Our society would be a lot better off if women felt comfortable nursing their children in public breasts fully exposed to the world.

Paul Stilwell said...

That's not the point. The point is that the Westian advocates the exposition of Mary's breasts as the "flipside" of porn.

So someone objects to that and he gets accused of having a disorder about breastfeeding.

Wade St. Onge said...

"If some guy is inordinately turned on by a mother nursing her child, the problem is with the guy. Not with the mother or her breasts".

So let me ask you this: is there any onus on the woman to dress modestly?

love the girls said...

Or let me put it this way.

You spend an entire post attacking public breastfeeding, and those who advocate it, and the methods they use to promote it, while in turn only spending one or two sentences cryptically attacking the westians.

All of which gives a strong impression that you are against public breastfeeding which made it nothing more than another reason to think the westians are in error.

I could not care less about the Theology of the Body, or Christopher West. I don't have to care about them, and I don't. Because I think the whole lot of it is harmful and not helpful.

But I do care about breastfeeding because I do care about our society. And the sooner our society starts recognizing and understand how God made us the better.

Theology of the Body is cryptic and unaccessible thus useless to the common man. Whereas raising our children holistically is imperative to the good of society.

Enbrethiliel said...


LTG: Stilwell isn't attacking public breastfeeding. He's satirising the idea that a man can make a good spiritual exercise out of ogling a woman's breasts. I think the nursing mother connection is a direct parody of something W*** wrote about Mary's breastfeeding of Jesus. (I'd look it up so I can explain more clearly, but it made me sick enough the first time I read it.)

You don't have to care about either W*** or Theology of the Body, but given that this post riffs off of the former's interpretation of the latter, then you're probably not hearing the riff properly. It's like someone who doesn't know anything about Lady Gaga wondering why a Madonna lookalike is in Weird Al's Perform This Way music video. (Answer: Perform This Way is a parody of Lady Gaga's Born This Way, which is a rip-off of Madonna's Express Yourself.)