Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mark Shea's and Elizabeth Scalia's Folk Hero joking about partial-birth abortion:

Because it's only comedians now who give us the truth, so say some.

Linkthanks to Spirit Daily.

Update: Graphic abortion ads will air during Super Bowl XLVI. Good.

Linkthanks to Crescat.


Paul Stilwell said...

Sir, he's not joking about partial-birth abortion. He's joking about Santorum's repetitive harping on the subject. Get a life.

Paul Stilwell said...

Sorry, retard, but your nuance does not work in this regard. He is by dint of joking about Santorum's talking about the subject, making light of partial-birth abortion.

christopher said...

Agreed, Gollum. When I see Colbert, I DO laugh at him, mooost of the time. I happened to watch Colbert the other day after not having seen him in a while and this is coincidentally the one I saw. I ended up turning it off a few minutes later, unable to stop thinking about the message he was giving with his Santorum drinking game.