Sunday, April 17, 2011


Soft tortilla shells kept in the fridge seven months past their expiry date are still good, insofar as one cooks them in a pan, such as to make quesadillas. At least I think. At least I'm still living.

In Canada raw milk is illegal to sell. There are ways for dairy farmers to get around this. One I've heard is to sell it as pet food, or as a cosmetic/beauty product; but even that I believe will land one in trouble with the government. The surefire way is to sell "shares" in the cow - or goat, or sheep. One pays his "share" fee, and thus, "owning" a part of the animal, one can do whatever one wants with the products coming therefrom. Even then, as one fellow told me who goes around with a truck to various undisclosed locations to sell raw milk and raw milk products to people who have "shares" in the milked animals, they "officially" sell the product as a cosmetic/beauty product.

There are many reasons to hate the country in which I live. I overheard one man who came over from Ireland talking about how people in Canada don't appreciate what they have, speaking in particular about how many do not go out to vote (there is presently a federal election here). I agree completely. But I bet you in Libya or Egypt raw milk isn't a source for bureaucratic nightmares.

People who don't vote are funny, in the sense of strange or odd; not strange or odd in the sense of being unique or special, but strange in the way that every person becomes sort of strange when asleep. You wonder what's going on in the person's mind and what the person is dreaming of.

If people who don't vote and never really think about it are strange, then people who don't vote but then write a special dissertation about how and why they don't vote are absolutely freaking hilarious. In the gigantic circus that is democracy they are biggest clowns of the show.

Generally, people who vote are very well aware of the realities put forward by those who don't vote but write about how they don't vote. But they vote anyways. It's the thing itself, in part, that matters.

Or one could move to Egypt or Libya.

If the above offends anyone who may happen to not vote, just tell me and I'll remove it.

I find goat's milk kefir tastes best. Not that kefir made with cow's milk tastes bad, but the fat globules are inherently more emulsified in goat's milk, which gives the kefir a greater, fuller consistency. I just need to get a source of it raw rather than pasteurized.

I bought some kefir "grains" from a lady on craigslist. I recommend to go on craigslist for one's local listings and find someone with kefir "grains". Sometimes people give them away for free. Because kefir "grains" propagate themselves - as long as one keeps feeding them with fresh milk - indefinitely. So at some point you end up with more than you need, though they are perfectly edible and good for you. People waste their money on "probiotics" in the medicine section, when there is something that will go on indefinitely for no cost (other than the milk) and which is far superior to store-bought "probiotics" and probiotic yoghurts. Plus, it just tastes wonderful. That is, once the "grains" make their adjustment to your local environment and particular milk. In fact, it seems the kefir keeps getting better and better taste-wise.

Plus, it's easy and fun to do, as all fermentation is.


Sheila said...

My state (Virginia) is the same about raw milk: to get any, you have to buy a "cow share." Most states allow you to buy raw milk one way or another, but not any of the states with big dairy interests. Hmm, I wonder why that might be?

Oh, right, to keep us safe. Right?

Enbrethiliel said...


If people who don't vote and never really think about it are strange, then people who don't vote but then write a special dissertation about how and why they don't vote are absolutely freaking hilarious. In the gigantic circus that is democracy they are biggest clowns of the show.

I don't vote, but I've thought about it deeply, but I haven't written a dissertation. And I'm not going to start here. =P You'll have to buy me dinner first (or something). I don't give away that sort of political rhetoric for free.

But I kind of like the clown metaphor. (Do I still get to be a clown? Just the other night I was thinking about all the people who've assured me that I'm really intelligent and all the things I haven't done with the gifts I supposedly have, and I've concluded that my brains are purely ornamental. I'm a toy! Wind me up and watch me go . . . but don't expect much else.)

By the way, I've eaten food eight months past the expiry date, when it was sealed and in the fridge the whole time and it still smelled good. I haven't died yet, and I've had everything from bolognese sauce sealed so surely in its jar that the beefy maintenance guy couldn't help me open it without sticking a knife in between the lid and the jar, and essentially prying the lid off . . . to chocolate and ginger flavoured New Zealand honey. (I've heard that honey that was found in some Egyptian tombs was good to eat all those centuries later. Gotta love bees.)

Happy Easter, Stilwell.

Paul Stilwell said...

Happy Easter, Enbrethiliel.

I'm not surprised (and glad) you don't fit in either "category". And sure, dinner's on me, because I'd like to hear the political rhetoric.

There are clowns - like me - who are convinced too often that their brains are *not* "ornamental", and it is precisely that conviction which makes them clowns.

But sure, you can be a clown if you want, as long as I don't have to dance to ABBA.

Ginger flavoured honey...I must try that sometime.

Yes, honey is freaking amazing, and gotta love bees indeed.

Enbrethiliel said...


That's chocolate and ginger flavoured honey. =P Think dark chocolate chips in the ginger-laced creamy honey.

And have I mentioned that the barrel organ I carry around plays a lot of ABBA? Bwahahahahaha!

PS -- I thought about the ABBA Single Smackdown idea a little more, ran into a Muppets "cover" of Take a Chance on Me, considered doing either a Muppet Show Cover Versions Smackdown or a Muppet Show Special Guest Smackdown instead, and gave up after I realised I didn't know how to spread something like that over four rounds. And now I have something else planned . . . Hmmmmm!!!

Paul Stilwell said...

Well, since I've never heard ABBA on a barrel organ curiosity would get the best of me.

I'm practically on the edge of my seat as to what sort of Smackdown you have planned. Whatever it is, I'm sure it won't fail to be an intense battle of wills.

"Think dark chocolate chips in the ginger-laced creamy honey."

Lord, that sounds luxuriously good.