Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Green Was My River

Here is Fluorescein being used by the Illuminati to track the current patterns of Goldstream in Victoria on Vancouver Island for use in future chemical warfare:

I mean, they couldn't have at least waited until St. Patrick's Day?


christopher said...

Would have been a better effect had the pranksters done it at night. I don't quite understand the news report except maybe just both feeding "the" and "on" public outrage/paronoia. If it's a simple dye as they seem to think, then no worries, but how have they decided that this already is going to "cost the public a lot money?" LOL Can't let a good opportunity go to waste!

Paul Stilwell said...

Oh, it totally does not make any sense other than what you say they're doing. It's so Canada - especially west coast Canada: you can't throw a pebble in a pond without causing a cataclysm. We can thank people like David Suzuki and all the rest of the nuts for that, in unison with the media. Your last two sentences say it all.