Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Host of Winter Olympics has Corrupt Police Force

From John Taschereau:


A veteran Victoria police officer has been suspended with pay and the subject of BOTH CRIMINAL and Police Act investigations after a man was assaulted in police care in Victoria police holding cells, Victoria Police Chief Jamie Graham revealed to the public Monday, Jan 25.

Veteran Victoria police officer being investigated for assault in cells that sent man to hospital

The police are holding back details, refusing to comment. The incident was severe
enough the man being held, who was not under any influence, required hospitalization. Damning the Police further, it has been discovered the man’s hospitalization was delayed by the Police at least 30 to 40 minutes without apparent disclosed reason. While the Victoria police are not saying anything to the public, they did say the Police Investigation would be conducted by the VANCOUVER POLICE, YES, that’s the SAME Vancouver Police who, just Saturday, were forced to admit they “mis spoke” when they said a quiet, middle-aged Asian man that an officer beat senseless, was in fact NOT resisting arrest, the reasons the Police gave for the beating in the first place.

Vancouver police change story on arrest that saw innocent man injured

Like the Victoria Police, the Vancouver Police are not saying why the un-armed and cooperative man had his face beaten by police to the point of possible permanent damage. BUT WE’RE SURE THAT THE INVESTIGATIONS WILL BE CONDUCTED IN A MANNER SUITABLE TO THE POLICE WHILE APPARENT LYING COPS INVESTIGATE EACH OTHER FOR ABUSE OF CITIZENS.

Convicted drunk driver BC Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell took another step towards abusing the public as well when he forced the freedom of information office watchdog to cease operations.

Campbell neuters government watchdog

Please do not vote for Campbell who supports the continued abuse of BC citizens through his lack of urgently needed action and his continued acting against the best interest of BC citizens in most every aspect of public life.

Please demand that Police investigations are performed by a panel of citizens and not fellow police departments, almost all accused of the same crimes.

IN YET MORE POLICE ABUSE NEWS FROM TODAY — An RCMP officer dismissed after he was CONVICTED OF ATTEMPTED FRAUD could soon be back in the job as the justice system determine he was stressed out and and thats why he committed a crime.

Dismissed Mountie may get job back

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