Friday, December 11, 2009

Journalism Snuffed in Copenhagen

You may remember Phelim McAleer from this "Question and Answer" at an Al Gore gig:

The same journalist went to the Copenhagen Thing:

One could ask oneself a basic question, like: does this conduct of shut-him-down-and-shut-him-up look like the kind that would be assumed by those who bear and proclaim the truth and have an investment in it, supposedly for all of our sakes?

Would it be especially the right conduct in response to questions raised towards that scandal which definitely needs answering to by said "truth bearers" and which was brought up by the journalist?

Have $60 million-a-year earners (I write "earn" in the most derogatory way) typically been those throughout history who were the prophetic voices, or even the scientific voices of truth?

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