Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

It is strange that the "official" celebration, or demarkation, or whatever, of earth day, would be a commemoration exceedingly more abstract than any that are actually theistically religious, like Christmas and Easter; or any that are actually historical, like, well, Christmas and Easter.

It's actually rather retarded. They take something - earth, physical earth - which we inhabit every minute that we breathe, with the exception of the accumulated space-time of astronauts, and mark a separate day for its- its what exactly? Well, for it.

Is it like solstice? No. That marks something that happens. Earth day doesn't mark something that happens or happened; it marks earth, on a day. Or so it purports to. They could be referring to some other earth for all I know - or care.

The really ridiculous (and paradoxical) thing about it is this: if we physically inhabit the earth every day, then having an "Earth Day" is entirely abstract. And because this abstraction happens to be about earth, it is also entirely ironic.

It takes an age as cut off from reality (cut off from Reality) as ours to reformulate something so existentially physical as earth, and our existence on it, into something so purely abstract - as though doing so qualifies as a positive reconstitution of balance and relationship. It's not people waking from their lethargic waste and consumption; it is people going deeper asleep.

And having its "celebration" (while its real point and intention yet remain largely veiled) not even take the old pagan forms of debauched festivities, like fertility rites, but the most banal and pseudo-efficient applications of saving energy and recycling, goes to show it is not a sin so much of the carnal kind, but worse, of the intellect.

It may be obvious to any who have eyes to see that such manufactured brain detergent, like earth day, is but code for the coercing and priming of the minds of children.

Note the ones who are most subjected to it.


Sarah said...

And talking about ignoring Reality:

Ira Einhorn (one of founders of Earth Day) murdered his girlfriend.

Paul Stilwell said...

Thanks Sarah for the link. I didn't know about that.