Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pit bull/Bull mastiff

The Province had this story today on its cover. The cops came through the gate and MURDERED, Murdered, Murdered the dog!

And while it happened, more than 40 babies at Vancouver General Hospital received evacuation through vacuum aspiration, dilation and curettage, and "the use of surgical instruments (such as forceps)", all safely procured in the bubble zone of a woman's right to choose.

Having your dog shot isn't fun, I grant that. The police were responding to a 911 call to the tenant's place and went through the side gate into the backyard and the pit bull-cross-bull mastiff came barrelling at them and when it was within one foot of the police, an officer pulled out his gun and shot it.

The family is screaming bloody murder. They insist their pit bull/bull mastiff was friendly as anything, that the dog played with a five year old and so on. They took it to the vet who had to put the dog down and they are landed with a whopper of a bill. It's a hard call who should pay it. That to me is really the only problem. Who is to pay the bill. Aside from that, what do you expect?

Here's the scenario: you're a cop taking a 911 call. You go (mistakenly) through the side gate,

and there's a dog coming at you,

and it is, to all appearances, a pit bull,

and you have a loaded hand gun at your side,

what do you do? Wait to see if the pit bull is running at you in a friendly way, just to lick and sniff you and get you to throw him a stick,

or shoot him down and not take the chance of being infected by rabies and having permanent jagged scar tissue down your arms and possibly large pieces of flesh and hair torn off your scalp?

Now, let's say for the sake of argument, the person in this scenario is a thinking person. Let's say he has a brain. Let's say he has, like most other human persons, natural instincts about what is taking place before him. Let's say he can discern a pit bull from a poodle, and again, the scenario plays itself out:

You open the side gate,

and there's dog charging after you, possibly only "coming at you",

and the dog is a pit bull,

and you have a loaded gun at your side,

what does the thinking person with a brain and natural instincts do?

You unlock the safety on your gun,

and you put a bullet between the psychotic beady little eyes of the pit bull, and not wait to see if you get permanent scar tissue. That's what you do. And when you do it, it is legitimate to not feel guilt over it; and moreover, it may even be legitimate to feel you have positively done a service to the entire neighbourhood. Because killing an animal is not murder.

Aside: you have to love it when certain people accuse others of being biased against pit bulls; that we perpetuate irrational stereotypes of pit bulls. Of course people are biased against pit bulls. Most people are when one is charging at them.

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